Peaceful Silence Triptych


Peaceful Silence Central Canvas 24 x 36 Acrylic on Canvas

Peaceful Silence Central Canvas


Peaceful Silence Triptych

I did this painting in 2008 when I was 21 years old.

Acrylic on 3 canvases

smaller canvases – 18 x 24

large middle one – 36 x 24 – more complete than others which symbolizes the midst of nature which seems more complete. Read the description:

This Triptych focuses on a change that happens in nature. I have left all of them at incomplete stages, yet in all they are already complete meaning that nature is always complete even when seeming incomplete, now these canvases fit together (in every single way from left to right as you can see in the image) a lot better than in images, I had to work on Photoshop to get them to look somewhat interesting but the incomplete unfit look I think makes this piece even more intriguing to my concept about this landscape(different times of day and how nature changes through a split second opposed to a long hour…etc). I believe that nature never stands still for anybody and nature itself is a living, breathing, growing entity that we all who are products of it, need to INDEED RESPECT!

Peaceful Silence is ALWAYS GOLDEN!

(Incomplete however nature is incomplete when always being complete)


PS. As far as I’ve researched and know, I am the first to come up with the interchanging representational art canvases idea.

There was no photo references, strictly out of my head… Inspired by trip to Yosemite.