Money for the Dealer

Money for the Dealer 30 x 40 Oil on Canvas

Money for the Dealer

30 x 40 Oil on Canvas

A painting I did in 2013 when I was 25 years old. It was done primarily from my imagination. It has to do with the people that tried to rule the world, which are: Adolph Hitler, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Julius Caeser, and Napoleon Bonaparte. Each of these historical figures wanted to be the ruler of the world, but none of them succeeded all the way. The concept in this painting is that, nobody is meant to rule the world alone, it is meant for everyone, not just one person. On top of each figure is scenery of battle that they waged. They are playing blackjack with death, and of course the dealer which is death always wins. There are also symbolic elements with the chips and the cards that each one has which speak of my interpretation of their personalities. However, the red chips represent blood of the people under them with whom they are playing with those people’s lives for self realization on world domination. Wanted to re-post this painting with a better image. This is my version of surrealism. When I showed this painting to my late mentor Leonid Steele, he praised this painting for the way I painted the background in it. Today if I had to do the same exact work, I would have done a much better and a more refined job, since I am a much more knowledgeable artist now opposed to 2013. I hope you enjoy.


A Poem I wrote about this painting:

A soul is born on planet Earth,
Alongside other souls,
The longing for change is within us all,
When ego lets itself loose, it’s a killer,
If you choose selfishness and conquest than you are not the healer,
So pass the money back to the dealer,
When he efforts to rule everything in his path,
He will experience God’s wrath,
The world is meant for everything in it,
Although everything still has its limit,
Not just a selfish soul to rule over us all,
Choose your path to preserve and create,
Or watch at how every spirit thinking that they’re God, in the end they all get played,
This game is meant for Kings and Queens,
But in the finale, the house always wins.